Yearly subscription


A year long subscription to RiskStormingOnline. This is a flat fee, no hidden extra costs.

  • Do RiskStorming sessions from anywhere with anyone
  • Save up to 5 session
  • Invite 4 extra users (with an easy invite link)
  • Work on these sessions asynchronously
  • Switch languages (English, German, Spanish)
  • Export sessions to .pdf


Purchasing this item creates an account on for you. You can invite 4 extra people within this account and you can run RiskStorming sessions as you see fit.

The first 7 days count as a trial run. Don’t like it? Money back. We may ask you how we could improve, but that’s it.

Every subsequent year, you’ll be sent an invoice, which gives you another 7 days to reconsider. We don’t do automatic charges.

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Features currently under construction:

  • Invite participants to interact with your session
  • Create your own cards
  • Create your own decks

Personal commitment:

  • Schedule a 30-minute call with Beren for questions, coaching, demonstration,…
    anytime his schedule allows: