Defining Quality

Quality is a word that creates divisiveness. It creates conflict and controversy. However, not all conflict is bad and this particular one is looming over our heads whether we face it or stick our head in the sand. Whatever we choose to do, there will be a price to pay.

Identifying Risks

People often try to quantify risks. Any project with higher compliance requirements will tell you they estimate Likelihood and Impact, that they then put those in matrix and show which ones are minor, major or critical risks. Apart from helping you pass an audit, these practices also look nice and make you feel safer… ‘Feel…

Discussing Solutions

The focus is on sharing ideas, extending helping hands and finding comon ground. If people have been saying ‘Quality is a Team Responsibility’, then this is the moment it actually takes shape. Only now have your teammembers understood sufficiently what quality actually means and how they can work together, from within their roles, to achieve…

Delivering Quality

Find out how your team can finaly craft a strategy and start working together on building quality after having gone through each of the RiskStorming phases.

Small Quality Hack – Getting Started

Do I get enough value from RiskStormingOnline after 45 minutes? Not sure RiskStormingOnline is for you? You watched the videos, read the posts, maybe even participated in a workshop already, but all the information and moderation seems daunting? I know the feeling. Every workshop, I doubt myself. Do I know the context well enough? Will…

Interactivity & Asynchronous Features

Over the years, the single most requested feature was to add more interactivity to Rightfully so, since the workshop’s strenght lies in collaboration, creativity and knowledge sharing. Shuffling the cards around, being drawn in by a card and suddenly connect it to a challenge,… With the new features, we give more power and freedom…

Beren Van Daele
Beren Van Daele

Hi, I’m Beren. I started with developing a card deck with testing knowledge. From there, with help from a great many people I built up a workshop, travelled Europe and taught RiskStorming to many, many clients and practitioners. Over the years, this workshop was improved and perfected. What I write here are my experiences, ideas and how-to’s to make your RiskStorming sessions wonderful and valuable.

I’m a consultant, Product Owner and founder at Isle of IT.

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